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Who is behind AGB Guided Tours?

An experienced and Licensed Tour Guide

AGB is Ana Gómez Bouydron, a French Licensed guide (Professional Card n°GC15750458). I was born in Madrid to a mother from Gascony and a father from Madrid. However, it was in Barcelona that I went to university for a Bachelor Degree in history, specialising in archaeology. 

Still in Barcelona, I hesitated between teaching and research, I began training as a secondary school teacher, followed by a Master's degree in Cultural Heritage Management. It was at this point, after an internship with the Museum of London's Learning Department, that I discovered my calling for cultural outreach and guiding, professions that combine research and cultural education.

Photograph of Ana Gomez Bouydron (licensed guide) at La Concha beach in San Sebastian. Photo by AlinaTsvor

As fate would have it, I ended up in Paris. After five years working as a learning officer in archaeological services, I wanted to broaden my horizons and explore other areas such as art history or gastronomy for example.

So, in order to become a licensed tour guide, I went back to school and got my professional degree. And after working a few years in the streets, museums, exhibitions and monuments of Paris, love led me to the Basque Country.

The Saint-Jean-de-Luz lighthouse at sunset. Photograph by Ana Gomez Bouydron

The Basque Country is a land of contrasts and traditions, with natural landscapes of outstanding beauty. It is an area known for its coastline, with its beaches and cliffs, its surfers and fishermen, its stories of whale hunters and privateers, and its seaside resorts. The Basque Country is also about its inland valleys and mountains, with its sheep, cows, pottoks and vultures. The Basque Country has beautiful villages with houses built in the traditional styles of each of its seven provinces. The Basque Country, with its churches and Basque “pelota” courts that still punctuate the lives of its inhabitants throughout the seasons. The Basque Country hides tales of pilgrimages, battles, witches and smugglers. The Basque Country is also home to the Euskara, the Basque language of pre-Indo-European origin, which remains an enigma for linguists to this day. Finally, the Basque Country is its traditional and contemporary gastronomy, combining the flavours of the sea and the mountains. 

This is the enchanting setting that I invite you to discover together. 

I'm Ana, a dynamic guide with a passion for sharing and meeting visitors from all over the world. 


See you soon on your next trip to the Basque Country.

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