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Who is behind AGB Guided Tours?

An experienced and Licensed Tour Guide

AGB Guided Tours is Ana Gómez Bouydron, is a French licensed guide (Professional Card n°GC15750458) with a background in history and archaeology. Born in Madrid and educated in Barcelona, she initially considered teaching and research but found her true calling in cultural outreach and guiding. Pursuing her passion, she obtained her professional degree as a licensed tour guide and explored the vibrant streets, museums, and monuments of Paris before moving to the captivating Basque Country.

Ana invites you to explore this region of contrasts, from its stunning coastlines, traditional villages, and diverse wildlife to its rich history, distinct language, and delectable cuisine. With a dynamic and passionate approach, Ana looks forward to sharing this enchanting setting with visitors from around the world on their next journey to the Basque Country.


Tours and Services

Explore Basque Treasures with AGB Guided Tours:

Unveil the Basque Country's beauty alongside a licensed guide. Discover iconic cities like Bayonne, Biarritz, and Saint-Jean-de-Luz, or delve into heartland gems such as Espelette, Aïnhoa, and more. Our private walking tours offer personalised journeys for couples, families, friends, or colleagues, as well as group adventures.


Tailored trips, Basque Insights:

AGB Guided Tours goes beyond typical trips. Led by an expert guide with over 10 years' experience, discover the local history, the traditions and even the gastronomy. Choose from diverse tours, from custom-made single city tours or full-day outings to multi-day trips. Experience the Basque Country at your pace, revealing its essence in a personalised and professional way.

Virtual Experiences, Parisian Getaways and more:

AGB Guided Tours offers an array of exciting experiences. Immerse yourself in captivating online conferences, exploring historical gems or virtual monuments. Tailored for all ages, including schools and adults. You can also embark on an enchanting journey through Paris with our licensed guide, offering city and museum tours. We also provide tour-leading services for memorable trips to France, Spain, or Belgium. Let us be your tour leader.

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